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Process of Osteochondral Allograft (OCA) Transplantation Made Simple

1) Your doctor decides that you are a candidate for an OCA.

2) Your doctor sends your x-rays, MRI or CT scan to a tissue provider to order a size-matched graft. At the same time, your doctor’s office will work on obtaining insurance approval.

3) You are placed on a waiting list until a graft your size becomes available. 

4) The graft for your surgery is provided through the gift of donation and matched specifically to you. Unfortunately, if you change or cancel your surgery date, there is a high probability this gift of donation will go to waste so please follow through with your scheduled surgery. The donor family will greatly appreciate it.

5) Your graft undergoes strict testing for all diseases to make sure it is safe and healthy.

6) Once a specific graft is matched to you, your doctor will be contacted to confirm you are available for transplantation. 

7) Surgery is scheduled to transplant your new graft. 

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