Our Vision

Improving Patient Health & Quality of Life

We enhance patient health and quality of life by improving cartilage restoration clinical outcomes.

Who is MOCA

MOCA is comprised of a select group of orthopaedic surgeons specializing in cartilage repair and restoration. Many group members were the inventors and pioneers on the use of OCAs for cartilage restoration and are among the busiest cartilage surgeons in the world.

Meet our group of highly experienced surgeons. We are dedicated to the science, clinical applications, and publications on the use of OCAs.

What MOCA Does  

MOCA members develop evidence-based, clinical practice guidelines to improve surgical techniques, patient predictors and anatomical sites best suited for OCA use.

How MOCA Does It

MOCA surgeons present at industry meetings and lead hands-on trainings to share their expertise with orthopaedic surgeons throughout the world. Members participate in patient outcomes tracking and publish on outcomes allowing for continued procedure refinement and improvement.

MOCA members are major contributors to the science of allografts and have more than 250 scientific publications.  

Why MOCA Does It

MOCA surgeons strive to deliver better results for patients being treated with OCAs. Providing education to other surgeons and the community is important, allowing for the best uses of OCAs and improved surgical techniques.

Hear from people whose lives were changed through transplantation. Click here for stories direct from actual patients.

MOCA Registry

MOCA surgeons are working to contribute patient data to a centralized database, or registry. The primary objective of this registry is to obtain long-term survivorship data on the use of OCAs in cartilage restoration procedures as well as to evaluate changes in physical function, pain, quality of life and patient satisfaction.

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